Theatres of Learning February 2015 and April 2015

We ran the Theatres of Learning to begin to learn;

  • how to make films, how to use cameras,
  • how to set up the space in which the Theatre could take place
  • and how to work together as a team.

In the disused hall at Carel Du Toit High School we set up lots of stuff for the young children to try out; paint, glitters, toy tents, magnifying glasses, lemons, cloth rats, frogs, snakes and spiders, and lots of small brooms.

Behind the stage we set up an experiment using a large raybox and prisms to split light, replicating Newton's famous experiments.

Twenty children from Thomas Kasibe and Daleview Primary Schools came along to use the space fir themselves. There were no rules save that they must not hurt each other. They could use the objects however they chose. "We didn't know what they would do with that stuff." Lungelo Sinuku, Steytlerville 2015. We filmed the young learners. As you will see they were very busy!

'We will shine' is the movie we made about our Theatres of Learning.

'We will shine'